Environmental Policy


Our Environmental Policy

The Vico team stands for minimal impact on the environment, we shall pass all requirements from laws and regulations and we constantly work towards minimizing our environmental impact.

Our products shall be gentle for the environment and the operators during and after the usage time.We choose and commit to environmentally conscious suppliers and entrepreneurs.

The Vico team shall be aware of the importance of environmental work, both locally and globally, and also constantly work to improve on the matter.

Our Operation

Vico offers a complete assortment of cleaning products for the workshop and industrial sector.
Our ambition is to have products that keeps a high quality and to stay environmentally conscious.

We recommend our customers to use cleaning detergent that is effective and environmentally friendly. We also recommend filtrating the detergent, which means that you can keep using the same fluid a good while before it gets sent for destruction.
This leads to major cost savings for the customer.