Why wash with ultrasound?

The biggest difference between ultrasound and regular spray cleaners is that the ultrasound is accessible everywhere. A good example of this is when cleaning a nozzle, where it is very difficult to clean the inside of the part without the ultrasonic cleaner.

“It does not get clean even though I use an ultrasonic cleaner”

The problem doesn’t always have to do with the machine you use, but it may very well have to do with the chemical solution you have in the tank. Which washing liquid you use plays a very big role in how clean the details become. Vico possesses the knowledge of both which laundry is optimal for the details to be cleaned but also which washing liquid is best for the contaminant to be removed.

“When is a spray cleaner optimal?”

Just like an ultrasonic cleaner, the spray cleaner has a specific working area. When the detail has a flat surface or a rougher contamination that needs to be removed, a spray cleaner is often optimal.

“Can you use the same liquid for different materials?”

It depends a bit on what kind of material it is. For example, aluminum and other alloys are very sensitive metals and there you need a liquid that protects the part, while a material like stainless steel can withstand more and therefore you can treat it harder. If you are unsure what kind of liquid you can use on a specific detail, you are welcome to contact us and we will provide you with the information necessary.

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