Pharmaceytical Industry

Vico in Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals

The use of ultrasonic technology in manufacturing environments is rapidly expanding as company leaders look to achieve further efficiencies and reduction of downtime in various critical processes.  Vico have many years of experience in manufacturing environments and has built some exceptionally complex and large installations where cleanliness standards are amongst the highest in the world.

Ultrasonic technology has long been used with smaller bench top models in industries such as Dentistry, Testing Labs, etc.  It is only recently that the larger Pharmaceutical and related manufacturing segments of this  industry have started to realise the scope and capability of ultrasonic cleaning technology can have on their broader manufacturing requirements.  Vico has created some very large installations for some of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world, often combining traditional ultrasonic wash tanks with rinse tanks and dryers to provide a complete start to finish solution.

Examples of our work includes tanks for tablet presses, liquid injectors, Active Ingredient Tanks (AIG), filters and valves for critical components, and clean room design and set-up.  All of our installations feature on-site training and assistance for operators.

Benefits of working with Vico

  • Proven solutions for the Pharmaceutical and related manufacturing industries
  • Deep industry expertise to aide with the customised designs
  • Excellent machine reliability and redundancy to ensure continuity of operations
  • A joint engineering design process giving our customers greater control and better outcomes
  • Creative and robust approach from ‘proof of concept’ to final installation.
  • In-house or on site testing labs for proof of concept which ensures that the optimal parameters are integrated into the final design

Some of our happy clients

A polished S/S tank for easy cleaning