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Process Industry

There are increasing demands on the purity of industry. The difference in results between a conventional spoltvätt and ultrasonic cleaning can be considerable. Ultrasound ability to penetrate into all channels and nooks makes the technology of choice where high standards of cleanliness are. The ultrasound can enhance the cleaning effect up to 100 times when compared to a traditional washing method. Vicosonic ultraljudstvätttar are designed to safely and reliably clean the difficult and complex objects. Our focus is on designing the washing solutions tailored to customer needs. For over 30 years, Vicosonic designed and built customized machines to help the industry. We have supplied everything from small countertop models to 7 meters high ultrasonic cleaners and everything in between.

Some of our happy customers



  • Better working environment.
  • Better washing results and greatly reduced cleaning time.
  • Reduced working costs for cleaning.
  • Reduced risk of damage to the segment holders.
  • Longer life for segment holder (lower capital costs).

Example of installation in a paper mill