Marine / Offshore


Vico in the Marine and Offshore sectors

Ultrasonic cleaning of various critical parts in the Marine industry is increasongly recognised as an advantage for companies that need independence, often out at sea, or in port for only short perdiods of time. Vicosonic’s has designed and made systems for many marine companies, including ultra-deep offshore drilling platforms, major cargo and passenger ships, and windfarms, etc. Vico’s machines are designed to safely and reliably clean the most difficult and inaccessible objects critical to their clients – intercoolers in particular, but also most other parts of the power plant. Vico’s focus is also on making sure that the design and development of any solution fits within the (often tight) spaces and parameters of the client’s environment, be this a maintenance workshop onshore or at sea, or with an operations area (such as on a rig deck).

Benefits of choosing Vico

  • Proven solutions for the Marine and Offshore Industry
  • Excellent reliability and redundancy to ensure continuity of operations in remote locations
  • A joint engineering design process giving our customers greater control and better outcomes
  • Creative and robust approach from ‘proof of concept’ to final installation.
  • In-house or on site testing labs for proof of concept which ensures that the optimal parameters are integrated into the final design

Some of our happy clients


  • Intercoolers
  • Major filters and power plant equipment
  • Rudder, Shafting and Propeller systems
  • Dirty filters
  • Valves of all descriptions
  • Fuel injectors
  • And much more..

A 9m intercooler ready for cleaning