Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Energy

Vicosonic in the nuclear energy sector

The ultrasonic cleaning of contaminated and/or dirty objects in the Nuclear industry has had a remarkable effect on Nuclear plant’s efficiency and effectiveness.

On the ‘hot side’,  cleaning or reducing radioactivity to safer levels is a major focus for Vicosonic’s clients, and Vicosonic has developed a significant amount of expertise in this area, having worked on many nuclear projects in the last 20 years.

Vicosonic’s technolgies also help its clients deal with secondary waste efficiently.  These technologies have been developed through significant collaboration and testing within the industry.


Benefits of choosing Vicosonic

  • Proven solutions for the Nuclear Industry
  • Excellent solutions for ‘Hot side’ (decontamination or cleaning to manageable levels) or ‘Cold side’ (filters, valves, etc)
  • A joint engineering design process giving our customers greater control and better outcomes
  • Creative and robust approach from ‘proof of concept’ to final installation.
  • In-house or on site testing labs for proof of concept which ensures that the optimal parameters are integrated into the final design

Some of our happy clients



  • Gag Pistons
  • Articulated Joints
  • Fuel flasks/bottles
  • Valves of all descriptions
  • Dirty filters
  • Fuel route pipes
  • >And much more…

50x faster and 10x more efficient than manual cleaning