Cleaning of aluminum, brass and other sensitive materials.

Cleaning of aluminum


In many cases, you are affraid to clean aluminum because it’s a sensitive material – which is true. Something that is misunderstood, however, is that ultrasonic damages the aluminum. What can go wrong is if you use a cleaning liquid that is too strong or lacks inhibitors to protect the material.  Ultrasonic never damages the material – but acts as a dish brush when the vacuum bubbles implode and release energy.  So when it comes to cleaning aluminum, it’s important that you get the right help with the cleaning liquid and we can help you with that. 

General cleaning of more sensitive alloys


When it comes to cleaning more sensitive alloys, it is important to use a washing liquid that can protect the specific material. Examples of this in addition to aluminum as previously described are brass. In the same way there can be discoloration, damage and other things with the detail that you want to avoid. Therefore, it is important to contact an expert to get a fluid that correctly protects the part.


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