Spray and Industrial Cleaners – PM Series

PM Series

Vico’s PM models are top loaded manual cleaning systems. The PM cleaners can be used to clean smaller and medium size parts. With the manual pumpcontrol through a foot pedal, the pump can be regulated to the exact power to get the part clean.The manual control is also energy saving. Manual cleaning allows you to clean more hard-to-reach areas with simplicity and high quality.



Models VS800 PM VS1000 PM VS1200 PM
Working Dimensions LxWxH, mm 800x500x300 1000x600x400 1200x700x500
Cleaning Tank 75 liter 100 liter 125 liter
Heating 3,15 kW 3,15 kW 3,15 kW
Pump Capacity, Liter/Min 10 10 10
Pump Effect 2,2 kW 2,2 kW 2,2 kW
Loading Capacity 70 kg 70 kg 70 kg
Total Power 5,5 kW 5,5 kW 5,5 kW
Voltage and Frequency, V/Hz 400/50 400/50 400/50
Max temperature 60°C 60°C 60°C
Outer Dimensions LxWxH, mm 1370x840x1570 1580x960x1620 1780x1110x1700
Material AISI 430 Stainless Steel, 2 mm AISI 430 Stainless Steel, 2 mm AISI 430 Stainless Steel, 2 mm