Our background

Vico was started by chemist Wolfgang Tiedemann in 1969. Wolfgang was one of the pioneers in water management in Sweden. From there he became fascinated with the power of ultrasonic sound waves to clean.

During the latter part of the 20th century he became a pioneer and advocate for the
development and introduction of ultrasonic technology into Swedish industry.

In 2012 Vicosonic strengthened its management team and began to formally its operations into other European countries, starting with the UK.  On the back of this success, Vicosonic will also be expanding into the French and German markets, as well as Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

Vicosonic is no longer a small family business, but it retains a lot of its core beliefs – customer focus, creative solutions, high qulaity delivery and service – championed by Vicosonic’s founder and Swedish CEO Pontus Tiedemann (son of Wolfgang), who carries his father’s a passion for ultrasonic technology and the belief that “the market is only limited by one’s imagination…”.  We hope you agree.