Refining Chemicals

Vicosonic has designed and developed ultrasonic cleaning equipment since 1969. With over 40 years of experience in all areas of ultrasonic cleaning, particularly heavy and medium industrial uses, we have built a reputation for excellence and customised solutions.

We specialise in ‘custom solutions’ – that means products and systems that are designed around a customer problem and are fit for purpose.

We have our own production facilities, and despite being headquartered in what is generally known as a ‘high cost’ country, we generally beat the competition on price once all aspects of our service are accounted for.

Our business idea is simple:  offer solutions based on the customer’s needs and requirements – satisfied customers are the best basis for a good business.

  • Number 1 provider of ultrasonic cleaning technology industry in Scandinavia and growing in major markets (including the UK, France, Germany).
  • Innovative solutions aligned to established cleaning and maintenance routines.
  • Customised client focused design, manufacture and service.
  • Full facilities, including testing, sales, service and training.