Spray and Industrial Cleaners – Customizable

Customizable spray cleaner

Vico are leading in the segment of customized cleaners.
Our strength at Vico, is our ability to adapt and customize solutions to our customers needs, without the skyhigh prices. By customizing cleaners to the customers needs, we optimize the cleaning process, the customer saves money on cleaning detergent, Genom att anpassa tvätten efter kundens behov erhålls en bättre tvätteffekt, and the cleaning becomes more energy saving.

Mastery in tech and chemistry
We know how to help you find what cleaning detergent you need to optimize your cleaning results.

Environmentally conscious
A large part of the cleaning process is the polluted detergent that remains afterwards. We can equip cleaners with different types of filters, and therefor expanding the lifespan of the detergent. In addition, we only use cleaning detergents that are as environmentally friendly as possible.