Immersible Transducers

Instead of personnel scrubbing and washing parts and, perhaps, missing hard-to-reach cracks and crevices, parts can be placed into a tank of water-based cleaning soap to be cleaned automatically. The ultrasonic Immersible Transducers are designed to generate millions of microscopic bubbles per second (a process known as ‘cavitation’), each containing vacuum pressure that suck water and surface debris into itself from hard surfaces.

Vicosonic Immersible Transducers can be customized in size and power to fit into existing tanks and cleaning baths. Through its high efficiency is the prerequisite for efficient yet gentle cleaning.

The process is designed to clean even the hardest to reach areas efficiently. By using the Vicosonic generator that puts out a high frequency signal [20 to 250 kHz] the transducer rapidly induces compression and rarefaction waves in the liquid. During the rarefaction cycle the liquid is torn apart. This creates a vacuum cavity within the liquid. These cavities will grow larger and smaller as the compression waves are continued. When the cavity reaches a certain size [based on the frequency and the wattage of the signal] the cavity can no longer retain its shape. The cavity collapses violently and creates a temperature of 5,000 degrees centigrade and a jet of plasma that impacts against whatever object is in the tank. There are millions of these bubbles created and collapsing every second in an ultrasonic tank.


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