Immersible Transducer

Immersible transducer

To clean with ultrasonic is a well tested procedure that has been used since the 60’s. Ultrasonic cleaning has a superior effect when it comes to cleaning in hard-to-reach, cramped places. The procedure, together with the correct cleaning detergent, makes dirt and unwanted particles that are otherwise impossible to get rid of, a thing of the past.
Piezoceramic sensors are mounted inside special transducers, which are the producers of the cavitation in the cleaning detergent. It is through the cavitation that microscopic vacuum bubbles are made, these implode during the powerful energy development.

Vico Transducers can be adjusted in size and effect, to fit the customers existing tanks. Through the high efficiency, the cleaning can be both gentle and effective.

This equipment and technology are made to  clean the most hard-to-reach places with positive results. By using a Vico generator that sends a high frequency signal to the transducer, makes cavitation in the bath. This creates millions of vacuum bubbles in the cleaning detergent. These bubbles will grow larger and larger, until they violently implode, which gives a brushing effect on the details in the detergent.