Vico has supplied the Nordic industrial sector with process equipment since 1969.

Today, we possess major knowledge about ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, and valve maintenance. We have our own production of ultrasonic cleaners and spray cleaners. We are also retailers of grinding, lapping, and valve testing equipment. Through many years of experience and our own production, we can keep a high quality and customized solutions at a reasonable price.

Our business idea is simple.
We offer solutions that is based in the customers needs, and we see satisfied customers as good business.

Our background

Vico was founded in 1962, in Stockholm by the chemist Wolfgang Tiedemann. We have been a leading producer of ultrasonic cleaners and peripherals for a long time. We have also delivered to a large variety of industries and actors, all with different requirements of how their particular cleaner should work. Therefor, we always work hard to improve and develope effective, safe and innovative solutions that exceed our customers expectations.