Having our own production allows us to design solutions completely along the customer’s wishes. VicoSonic industrial models can be fully customized both in terms of size, power, and equipment. Vico is a world leader in customised ultrasonic cleaning. Our strength lies in our ability to deliver system solutions directly adapted to the customer’s needs without a great cost increase.

By customizing the process according to customer needs gives us better results, consuming less cleaning solution while getting a more energy-efficient washing process. We can supply ultrasonic systems as an integral part of an existing system or design complete installations.

Our systems are drawn in CAD environment, in close cooperation with the customer.
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If you have a sketch, drawing, or dimensions of the detail you want to wash so send them the information to us at info@vico.se or call by
phone +46 (0)8 592 591 00 .

Example of a customised solution

The Segment Holder Wash and Rinse system

  • For the world’s 7th largest paper mill
  • Custom fitted to cleaning 1500kgs segment holders (that grind the pulp)
  • Integrated cleaning and rinse tank with full digital displays and PLC control system
  • Superior cleaning quality of thick layers of burned resin, carbon, etc.
  • Significantly faster than manual cleaning • Minimises waste water
  • Major savings for client in terms of time and money
  • This installation took 1 week for Vicosonic’s design and development team to design a system that met perfectly client requirements. This was then and was built and installed within 12 weeks.