Segment holders (Paper mill)

Process Industry

Client problem

SCA ORTVIKEN produces coated and uncoated paper for publications. The production capacity is 890,000 tonnes of paper per year, which makes Ortviken the sixth largest publication paper mill in the world.

In the production of pulp used segments to grind wood chips. In the process, burned resins and other impurities get trapped in segments holder. When tolerances are very small in the process so it is vital to keep the segment holder clean. Previously, SCA used a combination of power washing, grinding, and manual cleaning. The method was very time consuming and the working environment was not really compliant with best practice in terms of health and safety for the operator crews. Further, using the manual method incurred a significant risk of damaging the segment holderwhich would result in large costs.


Vicosonic was asked if it was possible to wash clean segments holders ultrasonically.  We obtained a few small samples of the segment holder and then carried out various experiments in its  workshop. The tests showed a positive result, which was compiled and presented to SCA senior management.

The next step was a full scale test with the customer where Vicosonic conducted field tests with portable equipment. Parts of the segment holder washed for 3 x 40 minutes and the result was beyond expectations.

Vicosonic was then commissioned by SCA to deliver a complete facility of approximately 7000 liters of wash and rinse station and the overall control system.


  • Better working environment.
  • Better washing results and greatly reduced cleaning time.
  • Reduced working costs for cleaning.
  • Reduced risk of damage to the segment holders.
  • Longer life for segment holder (lower capital costs).

Before and After