Ultrasonic Cleaner Bench Model, 2-28 L

Bench Models

Vico’s benchtop models are easy-to-handle and efficient smaller ultrasonic cleaners. The cavitation in the liquid penetrates the hard-to-reach areas of the parts and cleans all the nooks and crannies. The washing machine’s panel has a digital start/stop button with analogue knobs for time and temperature. All models include a fine-mesh basket and lid in stainless steel.

Specifications for Bench Model, 2-28 L


Model Volume Tank size Ultrasonic effect Frequency Heating Outlet valve
VS-DR-DE20 2 Liter 150x138x100 80 W 37 kHz 100 W No
VS-DR-DE60 6 Liter 302x152x150 240 W 37 kHz 250 W No
VS-DR-DE100 10 Liter 302x239x150 320 W 37 kHz 300 W Yes
VS-DR-DE130 13 Liter 302x239x200 400 W 37 kHz 400 W Yes
VS-DR-DE280 28 Liter 498x296x200 800 W 37 kHz 600 W Yes